Delete Hidden Posts Plugin for Question2Answer

This is a plugin for Question2Answer websites that deletes all hidden posts with/with-out having children posts

The latest version of Question2Answer does not allow to delete the posts directly which have some children posts (the comments and answers for a question are said to be children posts for that question and the comments to a answer are said to be children posts to a answer ) . You must have to hide and then delete all its child posts one by one before you delete the parent one . This applies to both the Quesions and answers as well .

This plugin adds a delete button right after the question / answer / comment (can be controlled via admin panel options ) which can delete the posts (question / amswer / comment) on a single click .

Also if your website has many hidden posts which have many child posts this plugin can delete them with one click effort .


  • Ability to delete all the hidden posts from q2a database having dependencies
  • When a question is deleted all its answers , comments gets deleted
  • When a answer is deleted all its comments and related questions gets deleted
  • Buttons are displayed along side of other response buttons – which helps to delete the post easily
  • Every option can be configured from admin panel
$0.00 – $10.00
  • Downloadable plugin file