Anonymous Question Posting Plugin for Question2Answer

Allows users to post questions by hiding their identity.

Most of the q2a websites dont like to unregistered users to ask a question. There might be several reasons for that, some times to avoid spam  some times to avoid unethical question. On the other hand, so many users want to ask a question by hiding their original identity from other users (question without showing their username )

In the default q2a framework, it is allowed to ask a anonymous question only at logged out state (only if allowed from the Admin)

This plugin is a fills the gap .

This allows registered users (when they are logged in) to ask a anonymous question .

It adds a checkbox in the ask form, which can be checked by the user if the user want that question should be a annnymomous post .

Also there will be a button on the question page to mark the post as anonymous for the eligible users. Also it can be unmarked which will show back the original user name anytime when ever the user wish to do so .

What benefits your users will get?

  1. Users gets an option to hide their identity while asking a question
  2. Their user information is not shown when they comment on the question
  3. Special users can see who has asked the anonymous post
  4. Special users can mark/unmark any post as anymous (can be disabled from admin pabel )
  5. Recalculate the number of question count on profile page by excluding the anonymous questions
  6. Option to hide user name of the asker in the subsequent comments oh his own anonymous post .
  7. Minimum point required to ask a anonymous post (can be configured from admin panel)
  8. Option to clear all the anonymous flags at a single click from admin options
  9. Supports Poll plugin