If you wish to change the base URL from the default url ,

e.g. you wanted to change the URL from site.com/blog to site.com/note
Openup qa-plugin/blog-tool/qa-plugin.php file , line number 27 ,

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  1. Hi there,
    I`m very interested in this plugin but there is no demo (link doesn’t work)
    where can I see and test try it?
    Please advise.

    • Hi Karo , Thank you for showing interest for this plugin . The demo was not working due to the mysql db issue at my DB server . Now it is up . You can check the demo .

  2. Hi,

    Great plugin, but i am having issue with links , like i added a link to add new blog , but when i click its 404 error ( not found _

    • For showing this link , you need to add them from admin/pages section.

      Login in into your website and visit to admin/pages section.

      Then Click on the add link link against the Blogs page

      Then add it to desirable position.

  3. Hi Do you have an update for the Blog tool? Nedd to synchronize points across site, thanks (mathsgenius.co.za)

  4. How to increase maximum body posts length characters from 12K to 20K

  5. Hello
    the hidden posts can not be deleted
    While I click delete icon beside each hidden post in the “Blog/Hidden” section I get the error
    “Unexpected response from server – please try again or switch off Javascript.”
    And While I click remove all hidden posts in the “Blog/Stats” section I get same error
    after reloading the page of the “Blog/Hidden” section I found no hidden posts has been removed
    How to resolve that issue ?

  6. Hi
    I get the page not found while access
    This is qa-plugin.php code

    * Base URL of the blog plugin
    @define( ‘QAS_BLOG_URL_BASE’, ‘blog’ );
    @define( ‘QAS_BLOG_URL_PLURAL_STRUCTURE’, ‘^s’ );


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