How to remove “Deprecated: mysql_connect(): ” warning in q2a 1.6.3

If you are using the Question2Answer 1.6 or lower along side of PHP5 you might get the warning like this –

“Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /xxxx/xxxx/htdocs/qa-include/qa-db.php on line 66.” 

You can suppress this warning by following up with the below steps .

1. Open up the qa-include/qa-db.php file

2. add the below line after the licence comment (before the actual functions starts )

3. This should solve your issue .

How to add breadcrumbs in Q2A Websites

What is a breadcrumb in websites

A breadcrumb is a type of secondary navigation scheme that reveals the user’s location in a website or Web application.

Why it is needed ?
The most important thing is Better SEO :

According to SEO Experts, if you are maintaining a huge website then you should take care of making it better organized and easy navigation .

No doubt the QA sites are really big having 500+ pages of questions (usually almost all) and well structured with Categories and Tags . And This breadcrumb plugin will give you better accessibility and Navigation for your website .

From a search engine point of view; Google actually displays the breadcrumbs in the search results giving you more links in each search listing, which is a positive thing. It Provides another mechanism to highlight important keywords for the search engines to note in your navigation.

Also it adds content relevancy to your pages and adds on-page SEO emphasis that highlights specific anchor text rich linking to internal pages.


  1. Install Question2Answer. This plugin requires at least version 1.6 (see the change log for details)
  2. Get the source code for this plugin from Github, either using Git, or downloading directly:
    • To download using git, install git and then type
      git clone q2a-breadcrumbs
    • To download directly, go to the latest release and click Download ZIP and Copy the plugin folder to qa-plugin directory
  3. Login into your website and visit the Admin -> Plugins section
  4. Click on options link under Q2A Breadcrumbs section for configuration
  5. Visit Admin -> Layout , Add the Breadcrumbs widget in your desired location .

You can download the plugin here.